Oh heyyy!

I’m Vivian, a creative entrepreneur, a world traveler, a collector of snow globes of places I’ve been to around the world, a listener of motivational & entrepreneurial podcasts who’s obsessed with apple products. I’m also the woman behind Own It Like a Boss Babe!

I’ve worked in Corporate America as a designer but the wanderlust was REAL so then I booked a 21-day solo European trip to feed my ever-growing travel addiction. When I came back to start my new job at Corporate America, I realized how much I wanted my freedom & to live my life under my own terms!

I want to share my gift by helping you create your online creative biz so you can break free from your 9-5. I want you to design the life that you want so you can travel more and because YOU F***n deserve it!!

…and to see the behind the scenes of my biz, workouts, and entrepreneurial rituals, follow me on Instagram@ownitlikeabossbabe

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  • Aspiring and seasoned boss babes, graphic designers/travel nomads/virtual assistants who want the freedom to work from anywhere that has decent wifi.
  • Independent girl bosses who have inner entrepreneurial spirits – girl, I know this is totally you!
  • Women who need help in building a creative business – I’m your girl to help you achieve this! 
  • Women who feel lost, stuck, and uninspired and need a support system – don’t worry, I got you!

  • Women who want to design their own lives and write their own rules – heck yeah!